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Audio Russian Roulette.

Last saturday we recorded at the Pico Youth and Family Center with Alex and Oscar (the Santa Monica councilman and founder of the PYFC). There we were Big Lucks, Ol' Blue Eyes,Schwartz and Chumanan getting ready to knock out four recordings.

I played "Los Angeles" by X. Steve seemed to like that. It's always a dicy prospect for me when I choose a song. Throughout my workouts and during the week I have all these ideas for my intro song. Every morning I add to the show playlist what I think might be interesting. It might be the preworkout. It might be the muscle burn. It might be that I am psycho. Whatever happens, I throw it up for the Saturday recordings and it's like playing audio russian roulette. I never know will Big Lucks's feel it or will he kill it? It's a dangerous game. It's one that I'm committed to.

In any even we are planning to put together a Spotify HLS playlist for the truest, most ardent fans to listen along with us as we march towards executing the greatest show on earth.

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