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Duke Major Tobacco

Big Lepke, the legend, the man, the social-justice warrior and the OG coined the phrase "Duke Major Tobacco." Big Lep was referring to when Governor Deukemejian was the California Governor. That was when inmates were given an allotment of tobacco to smoke in prison. This human practice ended when the California government did not want to pay medical bills for inmates related to tobacco smoke ailments. It always comes back to the mighty dollar. (Check out Big Lep Quotes here).

I'm almost willing to bet that the insane anti-smoking push was really about saving the government and corporations money. I'm not saying that smoking is healthy. What I am saying is that it's real strange that anti-smoking movements were so successful but all other health issues are not. Anti-sugar, anti-diabetes, anti-corruption, anti-drug, etc. All of those movement flounder and barely effective but smoking? Anti-smoking was won hands down and has become a social norm. I think it is because the private interests did not speed up universal medicine. I think all the private interests know that universal medicine is inevitable. The question is "when." The longer private interests can keep universal medicine from coming online, the greater the profits until the rules change. This may be the reason Big Pharma has ramped up all its efforts for new "experimental" cure-pills that they charge a lot for. If people had continued to smoke the way they were, the amount of people requiring health care assistance would have been astronomical. The population needing health care would have outstripped the ability to pay for it. The government would have had step and change the rules to give more people access to health care. The government could also "vilify" smokers as choosing to harm themselves or as weak. This would make the average public less sympathetic to their plight and less willing to call for universal health care to help them.

The insane part is that major tobacco companies have contacted me about the brand. I have some tobacco farmers, independent of course, inviting HLS and Big Lep (More Here) to explore their tobacco farm. This may be the start of craft cigarettes, cured at the local level for a unique inhaling experience. I'm talking to some of my friends who are regulatory attorneys to see what the process forward looks like.

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