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Fuck Cancer

Man I was cussing out loud this morning, pissed off about some BULLSHIT that at the moment I “thought” was so important- UNTIL I remembered what I read this morning: my friend & business associate Berner begins his 2nd stage of his battle with Cancer - undergoing Chemotherapy treatment that starts this morning!

Berner mentioned he was “Hella Scared”...and rightly so!! I thought to myself, I'm NOT fighting for my life this morning AND immediately my problems got "right sized” REAL QUICK! I started thinking about my mother in-law PAULA BAMBIC. We lost her 2 years ago and my friend LYON HERRON who has been battling cancer for most of his young life, he's only 30 years old.

I've had VERY CLOSE people in my life taken away by Cancer.. AND I WAS THERE ALONG SIDE THEM & THERE FAMILIES at that time!… 2 of my closest friends DOC (Paul) RIP, AND BIG D (Diablo NRWK) RIP...both were taken away ABRUPTLY by Cancer.

COURAGE, COURAGE, COURAGE…those are really the only words that come to mind when thinking about my 2 friends currently in this fight. I guess today's blog is really about GRATITUDE and PRAYER for people in our lives faced with MUCH HEAVIER burdens “today” than most of us. one way or another, find some gratitude.

BIG PRAYERS GOING OUT TO Berner today @Berner415

BIG PRAYERS GOING OUT TO Lyon today @Lyon_Herron

-Big Lucks

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