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Gracie's "Breathe" Reveals Martial Art Mastery Secret

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Biogymnastics. Currently I am reading Breathe by Rickson Gracie. The book contains a treasure trove of amazing fighting, emotional, historical and spiritual information. Perhaps the thing that grabbed me the most was Biogymnastics by Orlando Cani. Rickson says this was one of the "finishing" touches to his already legendary fighting skill. A more complete breakdown of the history including Rickson's first no-holds-barred fight against King Zulu is coming on the show, video here. Let me just say this, Rickson didn't feel yoga, wasn't totally sold on only meditation, instead he found Orland Cani.

Here is a quick interview I found about Orlando Cani. The essence of this training is Concentration, Breathing and Corporal Conscience. A lot of Mr. Cani's philosophy came from animal movement. The idea being to strengthen the body mind relationship, perhaps eradicate the idea that there is such a thing as separation. It's really amazing and intriguing. Go to HLS Video page here to see Rickson talk about it and also see Orlando Cani. Also go to my reading list to see the book and get it. I highly recommend it. So many gems in that book.

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