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Heart Cancer Takes Rare Designer

Virgil Abloh, Founder and Creative Director OFF WHITE Brand.

The First and Only Black (so far) Creative Director at Louis Vuitton 2021.

With a resume like that if you anything about Apparel Fashion chances are you know and/or might even own a pair of OFF WHITE’S or a T-Shirt. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in 2018 by Time Magazine.

I never really gave credit to OFF WHITE as a brand, I just was really moved by it and I’ve always argued the point of what “Street Wear” is AND it’s origins all from Southern California, critical of the whole “elitist” vibe entering the streetwear space I chose to stay far away from it.

Virgil was such a creative talent…inspired a couple generations, was extremely successful with his own Premium Brand but moved on to break into Luxury High fashion and he became Creative Director of Louis Vuitton 2019-2021. He started out as an intern at Fendi.

Powerful stuff, this man had been in a long bout with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare, aggressive form of heart cancer which finally ended 11/28/2021.


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