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Live By It. Die By It.

News sources, social media were blowing up with news that 55 year old “Alberto “Alpo” Martinez had been shot & killed in Harlem NY, 3:15am October 30th.

A number of people hit me up and asking what I thought of this news? If your not familiar with who “Alpo” was, Google his full name and read up.

"According to local news reports, Martinez, 55, was struck five times while driving a 2017 Dodge Ram near West 147th Street. Medics were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead a short time later at Harlem Hospital. No suspects have been arrested, but it won’t surprise anyone to learn that Martinez’s death was a byproduct of the life he lived and especially his decision to make a deal with prosecutors nearly 30 years earlier," from The Undefeated, read article here.

He was alleged to be one of the biggest drug dealers on the East Coast late 80’s early 90’s. . .by his own admission Alberto admitted to killing 14 people when he was finally arrested. He then decided to cooperate with law enforcement and testified on his old business associates in deal to reduce his prison sentence.

Alberto was convicted in the early 90’s and served a prison sentence and paroled in 2016. He moved back to New York, NY (home) and he was “ OUT THERE” in the streets, at restaurants, night clubs doing interviews and taking photos. . .People treated this guy like he was a some kind of celebrity. . .

Until 3:00am October 30th, 2021.

How you gonna have 14+ bodies and then decide to RAT on all the people you getting money with? And then come back 30 years later like your untouchable…?

AND now you know what “ALPO’s” up to?



LIVE BY IT- DIE BY IT: If you can’t do the time -WTF YOU DO THE CRIME???!!!!

Listen to Big Luck's Wisdom at Episode 200 HERE.

-Big Lucks

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