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MIND OVER MATTER - making of GOTTI The Album.

If you haven't taken the time to watch the Youtube Documentary ‘Mind Over Matter” your missing out BIG TIME.

Arguably the most well known and certainly the most powerful figure in the cannabis industry has to be Berner, he's cultivated his love for marijuana into his Cookies brand, and forged powerful relationships with some of the artist’s in the industry. Collaborating with high-profile artists like B-Real of Cypress Hill, Wiz Khalifa, Scott Storch, Quavo Huncho, Too $hort, and countless others Berner has released over 16 solo albums.

Along with his latest project, Gotti, Berner drops the Mind Over Matter: The Making of Gotti documentary (above in case you missed it). Directed by Sebastian Maldonado, the documentary records Berner as he crafts his best body of work before going under the knife in his biggest battle yet fighting cancer.

You're in the passenger seat with Berner in this documentary as Berner shows how the fight for life actually produces a masterpiece in GOTTI the album…Don’t Miss It.

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