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Rachel Sterling Would Rather Lose Her Eyes Than Go To Parties, Here's Why.

Longtime HLS and Estevan Oriol friend, Super Comedian Actress-Model came through the show to kick out Episode 274 - featuring her adventures in comedy.

Most people can't stand up and talk in front of people, let alone be funny, so why do they do it? Rachel does. She also hates parties or basically anything the forces her to go outside. She's also a well-known, highly-publicized, hot chick. All these factors collide in a tsunami of inner rage and anxiety, setting up her Comedy (talking shit) perfectly. On the one hand because Rachel was in Playboy, Maxim, etc., in Wedding Crashers, Workaholics (a favorite show of mine), and many other shows. She has the face for parties and gets lots of invites, just don't ask her to leave the sanctuary of her home and cat (No unsolicited passes and personal space violations, please.).

On the other hand, Rachel is a comedian. She must have the dark, caustic comedian psychology. Don't believe me? A British Journal of Psychology study stated comedians are likelier than others to admit to being distracted easily, antisocial, compulsive and don't wish to connect with other humans.

With the invites and a public career, her inner conflict rages. Some might think she's weaponized her sexuality but really, it's just her Inner-Comic coming out. She recently said, "I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattteeeeee parties now." (Original spelling kept.). "Id' rather poke my eyes out with a spork."

Top 5 reasons Rachel hates parties:

  1. There are always too many people.

  2. They always happen when I have other shit going on and it's a pain in my ass to add it to my plate.

  3. There's only so much standing around in a circle and small talking I can do. (Ol' Blue Eyes is feeling this). People in LA give their bio and resume as part of the conversation. I don't care. Work talk bores me. Pro tip: fast talkers are full of the most bullshit.) Gossip kills the vibe. So basically, there's nothing left to talk about in these parties. I usually prefer brunch dating-horror stories around the glow of mimosas and gluten-free foie gras Belgian waffle bites.

  4. Did I mention humans and anxiety? Humans talk a lot and the don't know how to end a conversation so I feel like I'm dying most of the time.

  5. Everyone is on their phones the whole time anyway. It's more efficient to stay home with my cat and just look at their stories.

Instead of parties she does stand-up where she talks about how much she hates going out to do basically anything except Stand Up, will never date a comedian (which she is one, go figure), her lunatic family and more. See the hilarious Rachel at:

JAN 21 10:00 pm

The Rec Room – Huntington Beach, CA

JAN 24 8:30 pm

Korrupt Comedy- Taluca Lake, CA

FEB 14 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Oaks Comedy – Sherman Oaks, CA

FEB 24 8:00 pm

La Jolla Comedy Store – La Jolla, CA

Go to to learn more or buy her merch.

Buy the HLS Audio Book ART OF WAR.

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