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Rittenhouse Of Ill Repute

Jurors now deliberate the Kyle Rittenhouse case. It boils down to two basic arguments: A psychotic maniac attacked Kyle and he shot in self-defense OR Kyle can't claim self-defense because he voluntarily provoked the dangerous situation by bringing an assault rifle to the riot.

The blue-hair bingo selection process to pick jurors took legal analysts by surprise. Some states use that process but a lot legal professionals have never seen the Defendant get to do it.

A juror was kicked off the jury Thursday joking to a court security officer about the police shooting of Jacob Blake in August 2020 according to MSNBC.

CNN reports on juror deliberations with live updates, right now they're eating pizza and reviewing the jury instructions for self-defense, crimes of killing, etc.

The HLS crew opened up the crying jag Rittenhouse subjected us to on Episode 246.

He was a high school dropout-come-lifeguard. His mama sought a court order to save him school bullies, reported by Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune documents. He obsessed about police. He posted “Blue Lives Matter” images a lot, and enrolled in police and fire cadet programs in his community, the Washington Post reports according to Global News.


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