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SM Stabbing Last Night

West Siders know that around 10-11 p.m. last night there was a stabbing at the Von's on 710 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401. In fact, Schwartz hit me up to tell me the ghetto birds were out. I looked into it and found this article.

Short Answer: Was it neighborhood thing? Nope.

It was a fool who didn't wear a mask into the Von's. When a security guard approached the man, allegedly the man shoved the security guard onto a conveyor belt. I'm assuming that's the belt where the cashier rings you up. They were fighting on the grocery store conveyor belt when allegedly the security guard pulled out a POCKET KNIFE and booked on the maskless man. Blood. Everywhere. Maskless marauder was gurneyed out. Criminal charges for the Stabber Security Guard or the Maskless Mutant? To early to tell.

For a better story about slice work please check out Episode 192 about the Corcoran Killer.

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