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Smoked Crack With Anton LaVey

HLS's latest episode features the deranged and hilarious duo from the It's All Bad podcast. Keith and Russian (Ukranian) Danny detail CIA, Dirty/Clean Needles and various High-Jinx through a Lepke-laden, Big Luck cracking show of untold proportions.

In this episode you will hear the blood-curdling true story of how Russian Danny smoked crack with the Ghost of Anton LaVey. You read that right. No bullshit. There were witnesses. It was all verified on Netscape.

Now some of the younger and more innocent little freaks in the HLS Army might not know who Anton LaVey is. Every heard of a thing called the Church of Satan? Ever heard of a little thing called the Satanic Bible? This is the guy who wrote it. Some quick facts about such a brazen bizarre dude:

They had a secret "Satanic funeral" for Anton Szandor LaVey has been held in Colma is a small town in San Mateo County, California, on the San Francisco Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course he was cremated.

LaVey died at St. Mary's Hospital in San Francisco. Think about that. A Christian hospital that the Rev. Hugh Gallagher, at the request of San Francisco's first Archbishop Joseph Alemany, solicited the Sisters for service in San Francisco to create a hospital tried to save the life of the world-famous "Black Pope." So strange. Did they allow people to read the Satanic Bible at the Catholic hospital the satanist's last rites? Or did they do a secret exorcism and kill LaVey. We may never know.

The Black Pope LaVey died pulmonary edema or a buildup of fluid in the lungs. He was 67. I feel like if you can write a Satanic Bible you shouldn't be able to be killed. Yet, Russian Danny does describe something bizarre with Satan's Valet at MacArthur Park. Another interesting thing, he played the devil in Rosemary's Baby.


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