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Ukrainian Spirit and Their Amazing President

Ukraine lasted longer than anybody though except Ukrainians of course. I'm sure bald-headed Putin is completely dumbstruck. Instead of news stories about how easily Putin's victory was there are countless of how Russia's tanks have been turned into smoldering goo in the strength and the passion of the Ukrainian people. There are stories about how Putin has lost his mind and lost his grip or the real Russians don't want to fight his war.

Stories show normal citizens with their leg up on a melted Russian tank or a woman carrying her shopping bags next to a headless Russian mechanized vehicle in some suburb. SWIFT, the service that controls global money transactions between thousands of financial entities, said it will block seven Russian banks on March 12.

A combination of Ukrainian artillery in drone strikes have turned Putin's War machine into a pathetic garbage dump. This just shows the power of drones and if you missed it you should check out the hard luck show drone podcast on Episode 289. But this also shows the power of Ukrainian passion and if you want to learn more about what led to the crisis check out Episode 291.

The Rock and Rocky of Ukraine is the President who was also a Comedian?

The president Zelinsky emerged as the hero of 2022. But who is Ukrainian's president Zelinsky? First he was a comedian and actor playing Ukraine's president on television and now he's a real war leader leading his country to push back what is arguably the second most powerful country in the world.

That's like Steve Carel from The Office going on to become the real CEO of Microsoft defending against a hostile takeover by Apple. Or that be like Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Veep going on to become the president during 9/11 and actually doing an amazing job. That's NOT LIKE a reality TV star that becomes the President and then ruins the economy while spreading COVID then leading an attack on the Capitol after he can't get reelected.

Zelinsky is 44 years old raised in a Jewish Family and became president on April 21st 2019. He's the guy that Trump tried to strong arm into manufacturing evidence against Biden. He also won Ukraine's dancing with the Stars in 2006 and was the voice of Paddington Bear in the Ukrainian version of Paddington.

The Russians have tried to assassinate Zelinsky at least once and they failed. From a hidden Ukranian position he gave an address to the European Union and his speech, strength and courage was so moving that the translator nearly broke down in tears trying to turn what he said into English.

The death squad that was sent in to kill Zelinsky is rumored to own a private prison at a fortress where the surrounding fields are chock full of mines with all access routes blocked by checkpoints. World Torture Monitors were prevented from entering the fortress while the death squad routinely send around videos of them torturing, beating and humiliating citizens to intimidate people. They even put a severed head on public display in a village in 2006. They mounted the head on a pipe with blood stained pants and with a cigarette for all the see. However they were destroyed before they could assassinate Zelinsky.

Find out more by listening to more episodes and know that the hard luck show stands with Ukrainian Heroes and a big prayer goes out to you Ukrainian Danny and all those close to him that are affected by this tragedy.

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