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What's Important To Big Luck's.

After the podcast last Saturday, spontaneously shot a PSA with a good friend of mine named JP.

Initially we went out to shoot a little digital but JP had new equipment and some ideas. We rolled around the Westside and hit a few spots in Santa Monica. JP has a great eye, I knew he would get some dramatic images but I wasn’t completely clear on what his primary objective was.

After we finished shooting we went to my house and I made us some coffee. We sat out on the back porch and he asked if he could record some audio, the mic went on and we just started talking.

JP asked, “What’s important to you?” That's about as broad as you can go for a guy like me. The conversation unfolded very organically. Twenty minutes later we wrapped up.

JP ended up going home and editing it that evening, dropping in sound bites from our conversation on the porch and playing with the speed, color & tones, below I’ve attached the quick clip. Good Work JP!

Check him out: IG is @jeanpaulsw12

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