Young Dolph

With the amount of consistent gun violence that surrounds today's contemporary, “rap” artists, the latest being Young Dolph, these murders come as no surprise to me. A young person's life being taken away is ALWAYS a tragedy but it’s now become such a regular occurrence. I’m wondering if anyone else is concerned with the fact that “Murder cases & Murder Victims” have become “standard requirements ” for today’s “RAP” Resume?

Lately, I’ve asked myself where it ends? How many people have to be killed or catch a 25 to Life prison sentence before ALL THESE KIDS wanna just go back to making music? Hear my take on the incident on the show here.

UNDERSTAND THIS MY PEOPLE - it takes a VERY certain kind of individual to pull up, get out of a car and execute 2-3 people and then get back in your car and go home, eat some Ben & Jerry’s and watch Netflix.

Out here are Millions of “kids” all over the world trying to portray a cold hearted Killer AND major drug dealer - AND THEY AREN'T...NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Problem is they have real guns, live ammo...and these kids are ending up in situations they’re NOT BUILT FOR…and trust me it gets REAL--FAST!!! Lil' kids high with automatic weapons “thinking” they’re Tony Montana.

meanwhile there dying & going to prison.

There’s so much more in life and it seems like KIDS just being kids, well that time frame is getting shorter and shorter...and society on a whole is beginning to pay a BIG price for it!

I end with this, IF we don’t start taking care of “OUR” kids, our future we simply won’t have a future.

-Big Lucks

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