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Chumahan Banned From Satanism

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Well it finally happened. After the Anton LaVey Show I was permanently banned from participating in Reddit's satanism thread.

What had happened was: Sean "The Shut In" audioman told me that I should try posting links into Reddit threads that are on topic. See, Ol' Blue Eyes is a marketing genius which is why he loves the spotlight and is so well known.

So I naturally went to the Satanism thread and posted a link to the latest episode. To make a long story short, Russian Danny from It's All Bad Podcast swears that he smoked crack with Anton LaVey. I posted the link and this is what happened.

Banned From Hell

So I was rebuffed. In fact Reddit has decreed that I am permanently banned from participating in Satanism. However, instead of being insulted, I was honored. This means that I am a holy person who has already had his credentials to enter Heaven, perhaps even a Saint.

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1 Comment

Sara Ovando
Sara Ovando
Dec 13, 2021

That’s crazy!

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