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Chumahan's Memorization Work Out

We should thank the hidden listener for this Post. A listener reached out to me on IG and asked me to re-explain the memory method. I said, "buy The Art Of War" and we got a deal. He made good on his side of the bargain, so I place here the keys to memorization without a flowery bullshit that other authors will tack on to create a "book" to sell you more of their garbage.

Your Mind Foo

The memorization technique is the “journey method.” You take a journey in your mind through a place you have already physically been. Along the journey in your mind, place images on the route. These images should “remind” you of something you want to remember. For instance, let’s say you want to memorize the top ten hip hop albums of all time so you could spit it at the drop of a hat? Follow these instructions:

  1. Get the list of the top ten off the internet.

  2. Let’s say the #1 was Nas Illmatic

  3. Take Illmatic and create an image that will remind you of the words. This part requires some effort. This part is creative and does whatever will work for you, it’s no one else’s business. For me: I would break Illmatic down into syllables to remember. “Ill” “Mat” “Ic.” I then create an image of the syllables, like one of those puzzles with drawings where you try to guess the word, or pictionary. For “Ill” I can make vomit. For “Mat” I could use King Salmon. His real name is Matt. An image of King Salmon Puking would be an Ill Matt, or “Illmat.” I could picture myself seeing the commit and shout “Ick, gross!” That would make “Ill” “Matt” Ick".

  4. Once I have made all the images, then I will think of a PLACE that I have been. You could start with your home. You know that home well. You need no extra effort to memorize the floor plan of where you live. You know where the front door is, you know where the bathroom is, etc.

  5. Then, in the order of the top ten list, create a “Journey” with the images you created placed in a specific location in your home. For instance, I would put Matt puking on the porch where I first enter. Because that is the first image I see visually walking into my house that would be #1 on the list, #2 would be the next image I see in the front room, #3 would be the next image I see in the bathroom etc.

  6. REMEMBER, the visual walk through is a route that you created in your mind. Sometimes I draw the route on paper to help me. In my mind I think, “I walk up to my front door, there’s Matt puking, when I go inside I see “so and so” on the couch, when I walk down the hall I...." The walk-through is the journey. This is the method of linking information you want to remember with a layout/floor plan you already know. This part takes a little effort.

Your Mind Will Become Even More Powerful

This is a surefire way to memorize anything. The Romans used it when books weren’t a thing, just long scrolls. The Romans discovered that the human mind is made to remember the layout of places with very little effort. If you link information to that mental map that is already wired in your brain, you can remember anything.

The above is also bodybuilding for the mind. Ol’ Blue Eyes often says that his copious Molly experiments fried his short term memory. That’s not true. I say that to him and he never believes me. Boy, can that guy remember all the physical layouts in Call Of Duty though. If you practice the above, your memory will get better and better for anything after awhile. I’m not kidding. My memory is 10X’s better now than it was. They say memory is a muscle. You must train if you want it to get big. I also say that all muscle is memory, the memory of a past of training or a past of laziness. Train your mind and EVERYTHING ELSE IN YOUR LIFE IMPROVES BECAUSE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE IS EXPERIENCED IN YOUR MIND.

Chumahan “The Elegant Barbarian, American Indian, Southern California, The Sadistic One.”

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