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Why A.I.M. and I use American Indian

A.I.M. the acronym unapologetically uses the term "American Indian" in its name. The name American Indian owes its roots to the European dangerous idiot Columbus who thought he was in India. Here's a little speech Russel Means, reported co-founder of A.I.M. gave about Columbus.

Most people do not realize that term Native American is a government given term. At least half of the American Indians do not like the term "Native American." When the Red Power movement sprang up, the government tried to placate Indians by using "Native American." This was a cheap attempt for the government to, in a name, recognize the "first here" position of American Indians. It was cheap because it did not cost the government anything except a change in terminology. The western property law is supposed to recognize the people who first have possession of the property as the owners. However, over the years, US courts invented stupid arguments to explain why western property rights do not protect the Indians. Many, like myself, prefer American Indian because it commemorates the stupidity of the European thieves that came ashore here.

Check this video out about the history of A.I.M.

A.I.M. started Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1968. 200 people from the Indian community showed up for a meeting called by a group of activists led by George Mitchell, Dennis Banks, and Clyde Bellecourt. Decades of Discrimination and fraudulent federal Indian policy, caused them to discuss the critical issues holding them. Out of that social fire the American Indian Movement was born.

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